Developing Top Quality LMS Software

Adding Skills and Development to Learners

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We are now living in a world where in-person connectivity is decreasing while students chose to study from home or while at work. In addition, organizations are finding it more profitable to provide learning and development to their existing employees in any free time they have left at work, as this will add skillsets that they will not have to pay any additional employee benefits for. Notably, some highly expensive skillsets such as Project Management, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics are among the much sought-after online training courses for employee development.

LMS or Learning Management System is a software application that allows learners to learn new skillsets or knowledge online through the internet through structured and interactive methodologies. The software may include only self-study courses or have a combination of self-study and online instructor-led course material. In addition to these, LMS software help keep track of the learning and development of each individual learner and their details, as well as that of instructors. A detailed online catalog (with an advanced filtering system) of courses with information about their content helps trainers and learners select the course they need more easily and efficiently. Today LMS software also include additional features such as learner attendance, certificates, assignment submission, rewards systems and gamification.

1. Add New Skills to Workforce:

LMS software allow employees to learn key new skills that the organization needs without having to spend separately for course fees for employee training offline or hiring costs and salaries for new employees who already have these skills.

2. Save Money on Employee Training

Developing LMS software is usually a one-time large cost, after which there may be smaller costs such as server charges, licensing, and salaries for a few employees to manage the LMS software. However, considering the accumulated costs for either paying for external training, for the different internal trainers or even hiring new employees with additional skillsets; the cost-savings are extremely high.

3. Keep track of existing and new skills that your current employees have

LMS Software provides employees with a way to learn new skills online internally and certifying them allows you to keep track of the new skills your employees have and leave you better placed to utilize them as needed.

4. Managing Essential Training

LMS software provide a recordable way to ensure that all essential learnings related to your work have been completed by your employees. Examples of such learning could be courses on Compliance, workplace harassment, social engineering, and change management. LMS records can also be used to prove to state officials that specific periodic regulatory training programs were completed by employees successfully.

5. Promoting Growth Mindsets within the Organization

Employees with growth mindsets will be eager to learn new things and improve existing processes. They will be open to new technologies, new businesses, and new trends. They challenge themselves and others to improve. In other words, an employee with a growth mindset can be almost four times as profitable as one without. This is why organizations worldwide promote and push employees to have growth mindsets. Having interactive LMS software on hand for your employees, especially if one with a rewards system, makes them more eager to learn and improve themselves even in their free time – hence increasing the growth mindset as a habit.

Era LMS was a solution developed from the ground up by us at Era Biz during the COVID-19 situation to help employers and educational institutions provide learning opportunities online for employees and students under isolation. The system was made to be lightweight and able to operate even under limited network speeds. Made to be fully interactive and compatible with most course upload formats, Era LMS also boasts a separate custom mobile application.

Features of Era LMS

◼ A Fully Customizable and Complete Online Learning Solution

◼ Affordable and Cost-Effective Learning and Development

◼ Highest Security within the software.

◼ Easy use with just a few clicks

◼ Access to a Built-in Video Conferencing service

◼ Automated Payment and Class Management System

◼ Attendance Tracking System

◼ Encryption system can be obtained for videos and recorded lectures

◼ Integrated Interactive Self-Study courses and Instructor-led learning sessions

◼ Online Examinations and Assignments

◼ Multidevice Compatibility for desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

◼ Expandable Cloud Storage facilities

◼ Customizable Points or Rewards system which can be integrated with Gamification

◼ White Labeling facilities

The Era LMS software has been tried and tested by corporate organizations and educational institutions in Sri Lanka and internationally. Contact Us to get your own fully customized and unique LMS software within just a few weeks.